Friday, December 1, 2017

This my inquiry (kiwiana)

This is my kiwiana inquiry it is a topic that we choose in New zealand.

Friday, November 24, 2017

My weekly plenary

This is my weekly plenary and it is about how I have achieved my maths,reading,and writing and what I need to work on,and how could my teacher help me.

Friday, November 3, 2017

this is my weekly plenary

this week I have been doing maths,writing and reading also on what I need to work on and what I have improved.

Friday, October 27, 2017

This weekly plenary

This my weekly plenary and it tells people what I do and what I need to work on.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

this writing is about 'Camps have no educational Value and should not happen'

My class had to choose that if we want to do agree or disagree on our writing and what I choose agree because all of these three reasons.

Would you like to see people be sad and can’t go to camp?

I strongly agree because all students won’t be aloud to go to camp because they are to poor and because they might have allergies also they might of got bullied  at  school and then they don’t won’t to go to camp because it might get of hand on camp.

Firstly I strongly agree believe that kids should not go to camp because their Mom's or
Dad’s do not have the money to pay for their children's camps and their
 boss doesn't pay them that much money.
There are people that don’t have jobs another reason why is because they
live with nothing in it and they are too lazy to anything.

Secondly I strongly agree that kids should not go
on camp because kids have all kind of  
allergies which some are very dangerous like thing like this eggs.
peanuts,shellfish,shrimps,mussels,crab,and also wheat that
were some allergies that are in all kind of food which is
often in shops where u can find them.

Finally I strongly agree that all kids should not go on camp
because a bully could pick on and then all sorts of things
can happen to you. You can be mocked and made fun of
that whole camp and won’t want to go back to another one or school.

So these three reasons explain why
I strongly believe that students should
not go on camps. First because they
can’t afford to pay for camp because they are too poor.Secondly
because  kids might have allergies that like some are really dangerous. Lastly
because that a bully might start bullying a innocent little girl or boy which is very cruel.

Monday, September 25, 2017

This writing is all about where does rubbish go and would you like it if your pets eat our plastic rubbish?

Where does our rubbish Go?
Would you like it if your pets eat our plastic rubbish?
Opening statement:Our rubbish can make our world different and can make it all dirty. We are trying to recycle our rubbish so our pets become alive still, instead of endangered pets around the world. Our rubbish can make all pets sore like how a turtle got a plastic straw up its nose and started to bleed.

Firstly we put our rubbish into different types of bins which is landfill and recycling bin. You can then put it outside for the rubbish truck to pick the rubbish bins up.After you eat out of a chip packet you throw it in the landfill bin.

Secondly how a rubbish truck picks up the rubbish people stick their rubbish outside and then the rubbish comes along with a claw thing and picks it up and shakes the rubbish in the rubbish truck . A rubbish truck come and picks up all the rubbish from the bin and takes it to a massive hole.

Next when rubbish trucks pick the rubbish up and takes it to the
massive hole and once the huge,massive hole is filled up with all
that disgusting,yucky landfill rubbish.

Finally once the workers filled up the  disgusting,yucky hole, then when they put the dirt over the rubbish they start another one and it takes about 1 month or 3 months for the grass to grow over the disgusting yucky rubbish and mud.

General statement:Rubbish truck squishes the rubbish then the rubbish truck dumps it in a huge massive hole in the ground and starts squishes the disgusting,yucky rubbish one bite every single time once.Put it outside leaving it out for the rubbish truck to come pick it up. There is two separate bins that are called landfill that is where you put all your chip packets and all the other things that you can’t recycle,there is another rubbish bin called recycling it is stuff you can reduce which is paper,glass,plastic caps,lids and crystal.I have told you about where does our rubbish go and Would you like it if your pets eat our plastic rubbish.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday, August 11, 2017

Who wants to know about Micheal morpurgo?

In my class we were doing a lot of reading activities so I pick this one to post on my blog.

Friday, July 28, 2017

check this out if you like recycling?

I have been learning about how rubbish isn't getting recycled and you should recycle immediately cause soon enough the world will be rubbish that is why you do not litter. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

check this out

We have been making hinaki and takakau for a week and we made it a competition to who has the heaviest,length and girth of a tuna and also  the taste for the takakau.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

watch this

This is all about the hole world getting infected it is kind of infected seeing rubbish all under the ground and on top of the ground. I am trying to tell other people to pick up after there self and to change there mind to not get any more rubbish on the ground at all times. So that is what i am trying to tell  other people about rubbish.
I don’t like littering because this country does not deserve to be treated like this and also the other country’s

I would of recycle my rubbish so new zealand can be a clean country.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I am a genius

Hi my name is Miria and i am a genius and i am going to present my work to the class next week and what i choose to do is Rugby because I love playing why because my brother's were playing rugby an i watched them and i just started playing cause it looked really fun. It is one of my favorite sports. So that is why i love rugby.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

You's should see this?

                       Sun hats

 Should sun hats be worn every time your in sun

4,000 people die every year from skin cancer and melanoma,(11 people die everyday from skin cancer and melanoma). New zealand has the highest incidence in the world.Skin cancer is more common than melanoma. you should force your children to wear sun hats,do you want your children to get skin cancer. where hats every school day so you don’t get anything like that
Firstly it was lunch time and it was really sunny a lot of people wearing no hats. I walk down the concrete looking for a spot to eat I sat down the sun was shining in a lot of people’s eye’s. people were going in the shade but they were getting a growling from the teachers because they were banned from the top of the steps.
Secondly we went across the road everybody thought they could get away with wearing no hats in the sun.The teacher was very cranky today and was telling everybody to hop in the shade.People were playing rugby some people were playing tag some people were doing hand stands on the field and they were bashing and crashing into each other and hats were flying off there heads like a cones trying to catch ice cream. Other people were putting other hats on top of their hats because they think it’s there hats without checking the hats if it has a name on it.
Lastly we went across the road back up to the top while the sun burns the concrete and the concrete burns our feet. Everybody’s messing around talking to each other,running around doing handstands,cartwheels and doing other stuff some people were lining up but not everybody mostly the class got a growling but we went into the classroom and we all had to pack up our chromebooks and read a book and everybody wasn’t listening to Mrs then the teachers came back into the classrooms and some of us were outside in the sun  building there things.the bell rang and i had to take the chromebooks into the room. Everybody got their bags and waited until Mrs says we can go we went and went home.

Check this

Friday, February 24, 2017

telling about what this year brings me to kawakawa primary school in 2017

HI my name is miria in 2017

This year I am a year 6 and my class room is room 6 and i go to kawakawa primary my age is 10 turning 11 this year.  I like school.My favorite subject is goals are getting at my levels and groups in room six. and i love playing netball they are one of my favorite sports.